One of our flagship services is the creation of diagnostic tools and calculators enabling your organisation to assess eligibility criteria of candidates or organisations and form automated reports. We’ve helped many clients on a variety of diagnostics, but we wanted to be able to help clients roll out these tools faster and more efficiently.

Grant approval from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) provided us with a transformative opportunity for our organisation. The funding we secured has enabled us to embark on an ambitious project aimed at developing a unique Drupal module. This module is specifically designed to streamline and expedite the deployment of diagnostic tools for our clients, marking a significant leap forward in our service offerings.

Our solution aims to automate and streamline the setup process, allowing for rapid deployment and configuration of diagnostic functionalities within the Drupal environment. This approach also empowers our clients to swiftly access and make changes to data without enduring lengthy change requests.

Funded by:

How our tools can help you...

Ask the right questions

Quickly add a variety of input types such as numerical, slider or multiple choice, to ensure the data you collect is aligned with your assessment criteria.


A variety of charting solutions to suit your needs, including editable colour schemes to blend seamlessly with your brand.

Complex data

Import and export data easily, enabling you to create complex criteria from CSV files and download results as polished pdfs.

Save time & money

Our tools enable you to launch faster, saving valuable time and budget and allowing you to focus on your users.

Future Plans

This is only the beginning for the evaluation builder. Phase two of our project is already in planning stage and will include:

  • Improved base user experience and interface enhancements.
  • Packaged scenarios, resource libraries and translation options.
  • Customisation to styling options and responsive feature development.

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