New Member!

We have recently had the pleasure of welcoming a new member to our team here at Creative Coop. Rowena came to us just over a month ago and has already been doing some fantastic work with us on current projects. She is a digital designer specialising in all areas of design and illustration as well as having extensive knowledge of marketing and project management. We invited Rowena to an informal Q&A to get to know her and her work values a little better.

What made you want to join Creative Coop?
I was aware of Creative Coop for a while having mixed in the same circles around Colchester. I was really interested in the types of projects you guys did, especially those that focused on community and inclusivity, something which I feel is also reflected in the company values itself.

Were you aware of co-operative businesses before finding Creative Coop? What are your opinions on creative businesses using a co-operative business model?
I’m a big supporter of worker co-operatives. Having worked in various other industries and agencies with hierarchical structures, I’ve found them to be quite rigid and resistant to change, especially in hard times as we’ve all of course experienced this past year.

As a progressive, I’m all for fairer, democratised workplaces and the open, fair & transparent structures they operate under. Now that I’m part of one, it’s something I certainly want to advocate for on a wider scale, especially as there’s still a lot of mystery over what they exactly are and how they benefit workers.

What type of projects/clients do you like working on most?
My favourite kinds of projects are those that contribute a net good to the world. Whether that be a product or service –or simply an idea– that contributes to, and betters society.

Who are your role models?
Most of my role models are probably totally antithetical on the face of it. I’d say it’s mostly outspoken female musicians, alongside bands who spent much of the 70s & 80s in a psychedelic haze…

If you could own only one piece of art or design from any decade, what would it be?
I’m a big fan of movie & gig posters, particularly highly stylised illustration such as the work of Ken Taylor and Dan Mumford so probably a huge print from one of my favourite movies. Though most of my current art consists of botanical drawings and vintage travel posters from the States.

What designers and other creatives inspire you?
I’m a big proponent of mixed media design & illustration, so I draw inspiration from many different places. From screen & linocut print artists such as  Adam Bridgland & Clare Halifax, to digital media illustrators such as Owen Davey or the team at Studio Muti.  I try to merge both digital and traditional media in most of my work.

Music and its creative impact on the design  industry was a big part of why I started designing. Wether it was copying album artwork when I was a kid, or illustrating typographical song lyrics as a teenager for my MySpace page (don’t judge me, we all did it).

It’s your turn to plan the Christmas Party, where are you taking us and what are the plans? (anything goes!)
I think everyone by now is aware I rollerskate, and it’s not really Christmas without a few broken limbs.