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Balance is a series of talks and events curated by The Hub for artists and creatives alike, in the hopes of helping people balance their minds and their businesses. One of the motto’s from the founder, Julia, that sticks perfectly to this brand is “balance your mind to balance your books” which explains exactly what this brand is trying to achieve. In a time of uncertainty, especially for those in the creative sector, it is vital that we put our mental health at the forefront of everything that we do – in both our personal and work life. 

We were asked by The Hub to create the brand identity for balance along with a series of digital graphics to promote the talks and events. The logo needed to be friendly, to reflect the message of the brand which is why we designed a logo featuring a sans serif typeface along with a soft gradient background, consisting of calming colours to give it a contemporary look and feel. The small semi circle below the type reflects the form of a seesaw, in which the word mark balances on – reflecting the concept of the brand. 

We utilised the seesaw balance effect by creating an animated version of the logo that exhibits the context of the brand a little clearer than the static image. By simply using the small semi circle shape underneath the wordmark as the pivot point it was straightforward to create the rocking and balancing motion. Our client was very pleased with this and appreciated how clear it made the brand message to an audience as well as showcasing the brands ethos while being a mesmerising and calming visual asset.

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