Cooperatives UK
Subbrand / Evaluation Tool
Create a sub-brand and evaluation tool for Co-operatives UK's Community Shares service.

The Community Shares Unit at Cooperatives UK needed an online tool that would guide community organisations through the process of preparing to issue a community shares offer.

The idea was that this would be an online evaluation to assess their current state of readiness, and at the same time a learning experience that would inform them about each step and offer them targeted information resources from the Community Shares website and handbook.

The evaluation tool was called Step-by-step, and was divided into 3 phases that could be saved and reported on separately. Each phase and report could be downloaded as a PDF and the idea was that organisations would return to the website in order to record further progress.

The surrounding website also needed a number of custom features, making this one of our largest projects:

  • Initial community shares eligibility check with user registration
  • 3-phase Step-by-step tool with 3 separate reports
  • Downloadable PDF versions of Step-by-step reports
  • Dynamically-generated Community Shares Handbook
  • Community Share Issue directory
  • Enterprise directory with annual reports
  • Practitioners directory for assistance for community shares issuers
  • 4 versions of the website (for England, Scotland, Wales, and the Welsh language)
  • Online, searchable library of guidance resources
  • News and Events

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