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Stella Maris is a catholic charity which works across the globe, supporting seafarers and their families in everything from faith to welfare to mental health. The work that this charity does is vital to the seafaring community; through providing safe places for seafarers to discuss issues they are facing,  fighting for the rights of seafarers and most importantly, connecting seafarers with chaplains all over the world so, as Stella Maris say themselves, “there is a friend at every port”. 

We were approached by the Stella Maris team with the invitation to go to tender, and after a successful win we discussed their requirements. They had recently gone through a branding transition and wanted their website to follow suit. Previously being Apostleship of the Sea, to now being Stella Maris their brand had become more structured and current – which their existing site did not replicate. They also knew that with the re-brand there would be an increase in website traffic and had concerns that their current site would not be able to accommodate this. 

Some of the other issues that their current site had was the inability to add structured new content, they were highly restricted on the templates they could choose from and with that applying these to the site came with all manner of problems. One of their main requirements was that they wanted more freedom and functionality in what they could add to their site with more templates and access to alter it as they pleased. We built the website in WordPress, allowing the client to use  the new Gutenberg web editor / page builder to organise their own content. In order to make this a seamless visual experience we  built many flexible Gutenberg blocks, pre-styled so that they would fit in with the website look and feel wherever they were placed.

Other aims that the client had asked for were an improved donor experience, Stella Maris rely heavily on donations and the method their current site had made it difficult and frustrating for users to navigate. This was a prolific feature that we highlighted throughout the design phase by keeping a spotlight on the donation links, using the bright orange brand colour exclusively for donations throughout the entire site to clearly direct users. 

We have created a website which suits all of our clients needs as well as creating a beautiful, streamlined website that users enjoy using – and most importantly, that seafarers and those alike find it easy to use as well as feeling confident in finding the help that they need.

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