Meet Charlie!

We recently welcomed new Project Manager, Charlie, into the Creative Coop family. If you’re an existing client, you’ll probably have already heard from her in some capacity. For those that haven’t, here’s a little introduction to our newest team member!

What made you want to join Creative Coop?

Having been involved in the creative industry for many years and living local to Colchester, I was always aware of Creative Coop and the work they do. As my career progressed I became increasingly interested in working for an organisation that made a positive change and one that supported local communities, this is becoming increasingly important. I have been inspired by the ethos of Creative Coop and saw the role of Project Manager as a brilliant opportunity to be part of an organisation that strives for social good.

Were you aware of co-operative businesses before finding Creative Coop, and what do you think about co-ops in general?

I had an awareness of cooperatives but didn’t really know how they functioned as a business, but there is nothing like the pressure of a couple of interviews to do your research and get you up to speed! The more I learnt about Co-op values the more interested I became. It is a very different way of working for me, in terms of organisational structure, and I am excited about the prospect of being part of an organisation that operates as a democracy and one where, at the core, is supportive of its workers and the local community.

What type of projects/clients do you like working on most? 

I am embracing all the projects we are currently working on. It has been very insightful to not only learn about the role that Creative Coop plays in relation to the visibility of a wide range of charity and third-sector organisations but also to learn about all the good work that is happening out there through our clients and through external events that I’ve attended since joining the team.

Who are your role models?

My role models are pretty close to home and include some that have steered me through my education, some who have inspired me daily on a professional level and my small circle of patient and brutally honest friends! Collectively they have taught me the importance of being driven and ambitious, to work hard and be kind – these have become my rules to live by.


If you could own only one piece of art or design from any decade, what would it be? 

The hardest question I have had to answer and one where my response would possibly change if I was asked next week! Right now, I would say an original Dutch floral painting, ideally one by Jan Davidsz. de Heem – but I wouldn’t be too fussy! I am heavily drawn to the dramatic colour palettes and the grandeur, and fascinated by the wealth and tradition that these paintings portray.

It’s your turn to plan the Christmas Party, where are you taking us and what are the plans? (anything goes!) 

Ok, this would definitely involve a disco ball or two, a light-up dance floor and a DJ – the finer details I can figure out later…!