Creative Colchester Meet-up

The world is finally opening back up again, and with that comes the reintroduction of events and networking. We were thrilled to hear that the team at Creative Colchester were back to hosting events, with the first in person creative meet-up in over two years being held at Firstsite in Colchester.

Over 50 creatives from in and around Colchester gathered together to network, socialise and discuss ideas. It’s safe to say we have all greatly missed socialising, along with the strong sense of community that comes from attending events with like-minded people.

The event followed a relaxed programme of discussions and networking, including much appreciated ice-breaker exercises to get people chatting. There were lots of interesting discussions happening around the revitalisation of the creative community in Colchester and what can be done to strengthen it back up again. The discussions focused on two key areas;

  • what you can offer Creative Colchester and the surrounding community
  • what you would like to see from Creative Colchester.

Key responses regarding what the community can offer focussed on advice, mentoring, professional development, workshops and collaboration. It’s terrific to see that the sense of cooperation and collaboration is still strong within the Colchester creative community, with lots of people offering their time and skills to mentor others.

Key responses regarding what people want from Creative Colchester were visibility, collaboration, promotion, and connecting. It appears that the focus is on the need people have for reconnection and  collaborating with others, which makes sense after being in and out of isolation for the past 2 years!

The event was a soft introduction back into networking in person, and was great to see the creative community in Colchester banding together once again.

A massive thanks to Hana and the rest of the Creative Colchester board for facilitating the event; thanks to Julia from The Hub for structuring the evening with tasks to get people comfortable with socialising again; and of course thanks to the Firstsite team for accommodating the event!

To find out more about Creative Colchester, be a part of the community and see their upcoming events, visit: