Print's not Dead

Print can still be a valuable and effective medium for communicating your message. Having worked through the changes of screen and digital media over the last 20 years we have the experience to advise when printed materials could be an effective part of your campaign or communications plan.

One of the most underrated approaches can a multi-channel approach with the combination of digital and printed deliverables used as part of a strong communication plan to drive engagement. While digital media has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, print still has several advantages that make it an attractive option in certain circumstances. Print can be more engaging and immersive than digital media. Reading a physical book or magazine allows people to disconnect from screens and technology. Printed materials also often have a more tactile and sensory quality, which can make them more enjoyable to engage with. When touchpoints with the brand are in the physical space print is often the most efficient method to engage with the customer or audience because of its instant exposure without the need for going through barriers of digital devices and some printed items can be taken away as a permanent reference point.

Having high-quality and well-designed printed products can help to enhance your brand or organisation’s image and reputation. Customers and clients often associate the quality of your materials with the quality of your products or services, and investing in high-quality, well-designed printed materials can help create a positive association with your organisation. We are very selective with the suppliers we use and only print on FSC sustainably sourced stock

Our print design services include:

  • Flyers & Advertising
  • Brochures & Catalogues
  • Report & Communications
  • Business Cards
  • Business Stationery
  • Packaging

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