Digital Culture Compass
Brand / Website / Assessment Tool
Design & build a tool that can make and communicate a commitment to approaching digital activities in ways that are led by core values, centred on people's needs, and responsive to change.

The Digital Culture Compass is composed of two elements, the Digital Culture Charter – which outlines digital best practises for organisations in the UK – and the Tracker, an online tool helping organisations understand how they are doing in every area covered by the Charter.

The Digital Culture Charter is a guide for all cultural organisations in the UK using, or planning to use, digital content, services, experiences, data, systems or technologies as part of their work. The Charter is designed so organisations’ leaders – directors, trustees or senior managers – can make and communicate a commitment to approaching digital activities in ways that are led by core values, centred on people’s needs and responsive to change.

The Tracker is a comprehensive and detailed self-assessment tool divided into a number of sections covering all areas of digital culture. It is targeted towards the arts, culture and heritage sectors with the aim being to help improve digital activities and bring organisations into the digital age, in a steady and informative manner. The hopes being that organisations will refer back to the tool year after year to keep track of how they are managing their digital presence and find areas in which they could improve on.

The brief required us to design a brand identity, website and associated materials that had a cohesive visual style that was bold, clean and accessible that could also be easily applied and adapted for future new materials. We worked with a large group of stakeholders and partners for the project. Site accessibility and user experience was key in the design of the charter and tracker that had a very large amount of information. We built the website and Tracker in the latest version of the Drupal open source CMS, writing custom modules to extend Drupal’s capabilities so that we could deliver the best possible user interface for the Tracker, and allow continuous updating of the Tracker questions as feedback from ongoing community workshops was incorporated. The whole website and Tracker were also provided in Welsh translation.

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