The Bristol Cable
Campaign, Brand, Website
Design a campaign brand and microsite for an independent newspaper membership drive campaign.

Who are The Bristol Cable?

The Bristol Cable is a media co-operative owned & supported by thousands of people living and working in Bristol. Together they hold power to account through ground-breaking investigations, campaigning for change, and amplifying marginalised voices. They were launching a growth campaign to boost their membership numbers to 3000, and they approached us to help.

We proposed a three-phased approach to meet their goals. Working with the Bristol Cable team we developed a campaign that targeted their core demographic and appealed to new readers, while simultaneously tying in with previous messaging.

Getting the message out

As part of phase one, we produced a strong versatile brand identity and look and feel for the campaign, along with a website landing page and social media assets. We went for a scrapbook print style with halftone image treatment for assets and a sticker-style logo application, with The campaign utilised an expanded colour palette while retaining a unique new look for the campaign.

We provided a library of assets for The Cable’s internal marketing team to enable them to produce social media and advertising content ad-hoc as part of their ongoing campaign.


We also provided design and direction for the creation of a landing page, in collaboration with their in-house team. The dynamic landing page linked to their members’ database allowing visitors to see a real-time membership counter.

The site and its messaging aimed to:

  • Increased newsletter signups
  • Increased readership
  • 3,000 member goal by the end of the campaign

Working with other worker cooperatives is important to us and it’s great to see the campaign making an impact.

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